Mobile Responsive

How essential is it to have a mobile responsive website today?

Previously websites have been developed with a fixed width in order to ensure they looked great on most of the screens. But then some of the web professionals started to deliver a particular mobile version of the websites. As a result of this when you will be developing a new website you will also be creating a mobile version. There has been a significant change in the web traffic in the last 2 years with an increase in usage of smartphone.  Nowadays with many people using desktops, tablets and mobiles, web design had required to change as well as adapt to something more fluid along with responsive design format. With this change people’s expectations regarding how any website requires to appear on a mobile device has been changed too.

So the below mentioned statistics clearly signifies that it is vital that a website looks good as well as can be used on different types of devices, desktops, mobiles and tablets.

  • Most of the people (57%) will never be recommending your business if the website consists of a mobile site that is poorly designed.
  • The internet traffic globally accounts for almost 15% of the entire internet traffic.
  • Among the average mobile website users globally, 50% uses mobile as their main means of coming online.
  • Adoption of mobile web is growing every fast (8 times faster) than web adoption ever did in the year 1990s as well as 2000s.
  • The mobile-based searches are now making up One Quarter of every search.

What are the benefits of designing a mobile responsive website?

If a web is responsive, then the layout and the contents will respond or adapt on the basis of the screen’s size it has been presented on. A responsive web will automatically change to suit that device on which you are reading it. Generally there have been four normal screen sizes for the responsive designs such as widescreen desktop monitor, smaller desktop or may be laptop, tablet and mobile. As the screen will get smaller, the content will be shifting and changing to the perfect display for each of the screen. So it is important to care about mobile responsive design as you will want your visitors to gain the best possible experience instead of forcing them from adapting themselves. A mobile responsive web design will benefit designers, developers and businesses as well as users as follows:

  • Increased mobile traffic: It has been found that much of the traffic to the top websites came from mobile devices. So it is very important for the companies to build website that work well on smaller screens in order to help the users never face any distorted images or even experience any sub-optimal site layout. Some of the businesses still prefer to have a specific version of their websites for their mobile users. Thus responsive mobile design is turning into a norm as it is offering more visibility at much lesser costs for development.
  • Faster development at less cost: Developing a mobile responsive website will take little time than creating any stand-alone application for the mobile along with a standard desktop site. Since time and money are important, responsive mobile design will naturally cost less than any alternative. Initially the investment that you will making in a mobile responsive web will be a bit expensive than building two websites, but you will be saving a lot in the end due to lower maintenance costs, costs for special configuration, etc. of the website that makes use of two different versions.
  • Low maintenance cost: If you make a separate mobile site then it will need extra testing as well as support. But if you design a mobile responsive web it will be using the standardized testing methods to make sure that optimal layout is present on all screen. Having a separate desktop as well as mobile site will also need two types of content strategies, two interfaces for administration along with two different design teams. But mobile responsive web designs one size will fit all. This approach will have less burden for the developers, business owner as well as consumers. Spending very less time on the maintenance will also free up the time for focussing on more vital things such as marketing along with content creation.
  • Faster website pages: Users of mobile phones have short spans of attention. It has seen that mobile visitors tries to avoid those webpages that usually take longer than 3 seconds to finish getting loaded. If a website is not well optimized for smartphones as well as tablets, it will be taking a lot of time for navigation. It will frustrate users so much that they may not return to your website. So ensure that your mobile responsive website makes use of modern performance technique like caching as well as responsive image display that will aid in improving your webpage’s speed of loading.
  • Higher rate of conversion: Create a consistent experience for users across every device as it will help you to convert new customers. When users decide if they should or should not subscribe to a particular service, they never wish to be redirected to any device specific websites as the process will take longer. A single well secured website that has a professional look on every platform will make users less likely to become frustrated or move to any competitor.
  • Simpler reporting of analytics: If you wish to make informed improvements, it is necessary to be aware of where the traffic is coming from as well as how users are interacting with your website. Managing several versions of any website will require developers to keep an account of the journey of the users via many conversion paths, funnels as well as redirects. But having a single mobile responsive website will hugely make the monitoring process simplified. Google Analytics as well as similar tools are seen to cater to the mobile responsive website by condensing the tracking along with analytics into one report in order to let you see how content is working on various devices.

Is mobile responsive design good for your website and business?

This will depend on how good you understand the customers. If the customers of your business, browse on mobile more often, then you should be emphasizing more to improve the user experience on the mobile by developing a mobile responsive web. Never get confused by all those professional terms as well as their definitions. You need to have a website that will look good on every device irrespective of their shapes and sizes as it is important for your business’s online success.