About Us

Accurate Solutions Limited

Accurate Solutions Limited was founded with an objective of empowering the e-businesses as well as generating the highest ROI with efficient web marketing solutions. We do not really specialist in one specific industry rather we have great skills in everything that we offer. We are here to guide our clients for achieving growth via marketing as well as sales. We seek to make the marketing as well as sales journey unified and thus deliver a much more exceptional buyer experience and finally drive huge growth for our clients.  We also create great content. But our approach towards content marketing is complex as compared to the industry. We will convey your story in such a way that it will be resonating with your targeted audience through each and every correct channels. Our comprehensive services will let us craft a specially designed strategy that will target the unique requirements as well as pain points of our clients. We always stretch our marketing skills for ensuring our agility and limberness in our strategy execution. 

Accurate Solutions Limited is also known for offering the best SEO strategies that includes tried as well as tested and new methods like social media for providing the best ROI that is possible. We have comprehensive packages for SEO and PPC services and these are the most sought after and affordably priced packages. Be it small companies or individual websites or even large organizations, our services are been favored by a wide network of clients. Other than SEO we also aid our clients in achieving their project goals via social media marketing, digital marketing, email marketing and web designing services. We offer the same expertise as well as quality assurance in all services, thus helping the online businesses with end to end web marketing solutions.

Our Vision

We come with a vision of developing in a persistent manner and then grow as a main IT company. We wish to become a dominant performer for providing quality web as well as software development solutions in the competitive marketplace globally. We have a professional, integrated and flexible process that gets reflected in whatever we do. We always accompany our clients towards success. We also have the proficiency for accelerating and quickly sharing excellent work and products or services of your company or business. We also want to assist online businesses for getting great returns on marketing outlay, e-commerce websites sell huge goods, local businesses influence the geographic areas as well as corporate entities earn a great brand reputation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the growth of the business of our clients. We make use of creative design along with development for delivering solutions of high quality as defined by the market. It creates value as well as trustworthy competitive dominance for our clients across the globe. We have friendly relation with our customers when it comes to dealings. It thus aids us in retaining our existing clients and thus expands our customer circle. We always aim at improving our product quality through exploration of ingenious ideas. Moreover our team of professionally skilled SEO consultants will cater to many campaigns each month. We have set a goal of delivering campaigns of high impact rather than working on different endless projects.

Who we are?

A huge transformation has been seen in the technique in which business is conducted nowadays. This is because of the digital space. Organizations require to be digital initially for attaining any advantage. So here we come to help them. As an IT company we integrate technology, design, marketing, content as well as digital strategy. We are expert in embracing difficult problems as well as creative challenges for driving results. We have a highly frequentative process and we cut through all the clutter that puts burden on several organizations. Our people are the reason for our success. We wish to aid your business in growing as well as thriving. We have an aim of becoming an extension of our client’s team. Our talented marketers are always seeking latest ways in order to put you before the curve and thus create a well adaptable support system. It will help you to achieve all your goals. We nurture a collaborative ambience that is known to foster ideas for propelling our clients ahead. So here we are not just working with each other, we are working for our clients. We have very simple goals. We focus on some central key metrics:

  1. Increase of acquisition of lead
  2. Improving rates of conversion
  3. Generation of more potential leads.

Our Team

Sr. SEO Specialist

Sagar Bhatuse

Sagar is our go-to person when it comes to moving the client’s website rank. A born problem solver, Sagar can almost immediately figure out what is wrong with a website marketing strategy and provide the required solution and strategy to uplift its standings.

SEO Specialist

Salma Ara

A hard-working individual with a quick smile, Salma works as an Outreach Specialist, and is one of the most enthusiast and energetic members of the Accurate Solutions team.

SEO Specialist

Mahesh Saini

Mahesh extensive skill-set built from years of research, analysis, operation management along with a passion to learn as much as he can about the latest business processes enables him to provide insightful SEO solutions to our client projects