Logo Designing

Everything that you must know about logo designing

Have you ever realised this that you will be able to identify a business instantly by just looking at the logo, even when their name is never a part of that logo? You may also notice that you can guess a business’s nature correctly by have a look at the logo for the first time, even if you never heard of that business earlier. One of the most efficient ways of getting information related to the business communicated well is through symbols. A logo is a vital part of a company’s brand.It makes a great impact on any company’s public awareness. Moreover logo is one of the most crucial branding investments any business will be making. So what will make an excellent logo? How can you design the perfect logo for a brand or a product? Here is an answer to everything. 

Why is logo designing important?

The first point of contact of you or your business with the external world is your logo. If people will connect with your branding, they will likely open up to everything it will be offering them. Great logo designing will need a composite mixture of various designing skills, creative theory as well as skilful application. Any designer who is an expert will be creating the best logo. It will take a lot time. Logo designing may be one little branding subset, but it will remain the centre of attraction of most of the branding schemes. Mentioned below are some of the tips for great logo designing.

  • Identifiability matters the most: The best logo designing will communicate the image of the entire brand very fast. The most popular logos have a story to exhibit and thus it makes them unique. For instance, the logo of Mercedes expresses luxury along with a graceful typeface as well as a geometric conceptual symbol.
  • Simplicity makes way to success: What is the common thing about the world’s most identifiable logos? All of them are very simple. A good logo has to be original but it should not be exaggerated. You should remember that a complex logotype will never make the brand look elegant. It will only point out that the designer was not aware of the meaning of simplicity.
  • Versatility will save your time as well as money: A logo requires to present itself properly in every feasible format, be it small or large, black or white, vertical or horizontal. It must look equally beneficial when displayed on a range of media such as computer screens, printed advertisement or smartphone and tablets. Confirm that the logo will be recognizable after the colours are reversed and the size is decreased. Check out that how it will look on any stamp as well as a truck. Never be afraid to prepare various version of the logo.
  • A logo needs to be ageless: The most wonderful and beneficial logo will never be based on the latest market trends. Logo designing is a classic piece of work. It can be predicted whether a logo will be lasting for the next 10, 30 or may be 50 years. One of the examples of this type of graphic symbol is BMW’s logo. In the year 1916, its original logo designing took place. Every since it has gone through a little change. The style of the logo may change in accordance with the era but the concept should remain unaltered.

What are the mistakes that should be avoided during logo designing?

If you are in search of a logo designing, then these following mistakes must be avoided to make it effective.

  • Defective materials: The files that you will receive from the logo designers will contain logo designing. Make sure that they contain no technical imperfections. No curves should overlap each other and they should as smooth as it is possible. Nodal points must be reduced. If a logo is symmetrical, then that symmetry must look perfect. Logotype presentation in a varied scale like zooming as well as placing it on any truck will be exposing all possible error along with its defects.
  • Starting with monogram: A designer who is not well experienced will often be unable to resist his urge to design a logo on the basis of a company’s initial such as for the company named Great Bakery, he will be creating a logo form “G” and “B”. This may seem as a good idea, but it is really difficult to establish the credibility of a company or even convey information related to branding with the help of such logo. It is very commonly found in the fashion industry but they come with huge budgets for marketing. In short, monograms will never work for every industry.
  • Name shortened to acronym: This mistake is often observed. Shortening a new company’s name to acronym size should be avoided. It may be a strategy that will look effective but names of some companies like IBM, KFC became acronyms after several years of their market presence along with expensive exposure.
  • Usage of graphics program for quality assurance: A logo that is created in Photoshop will not be available for use when you will wish to engrave or enlarge it. Any professional logo will look good on various devices but logo that presents the image along with a pixel grid will never assure this effect. If it is a vector logo that defines all points mathematically and is created in software like Corel Draw will be providing you with suitable reproduction of image on a scale without losing the quality.

So if your business never had any logo earlier or you wish to revamp your current logo, then you should contact a professional logo designer. They will be able to understand what you and your customer want as well as what the brand requires. They will work in order to consolidate such ideas into one product that will make you feel proud. They know how vital logo designing is for any business and they provide you with an extraordinary representation of the brand. So get in touch with them now.